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UPDATED on May 16, 2016!

May 16, 2016: "Alpha Video ( has released another volume (#6) as of March 1, 2016: 4 more episodes of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" that are for Region 1 (USA and Canada) are now available on dvd. has it available for $5.95 plus shipping. has it for $5.98 plus shipping (unless you have Prime). The 4 episodes included on this dvd are: The Franklin Story, The Wild One, The Ethan Allen Story and Powder Keg. With this dvd, there are now 24 of the 39 episodes that Alpha Video has made available for Hawkeye fans. Thanks Alpha Video and we hope that you will continue with these releases and give us the final 15 episodes soon!

November 26, 2014: "John Hart in an episode of "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin": I've added a page of John's appearance in the episode "The Outcast of Fort Apache". Check it out here: "The Outcast of Fort Apache"

March, 2012: "Alpha Video released another 4 episode volume of Hawkeye": I just learned yesterday, that Alpha Video released a Volume 5 of the "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" tv series. It was apparently released last November but apparently not many heard about it. The 4 episodes included are: "The Brute", "The Indian Doll", "The Lone Rifles" and "The Prisoner". I ordered the dvd yesterday from Deep Discount for $5.65 plus 99 cents for shipping. I'll include a link to (Alpha Video) and to although it is available through other web sites as well. "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans - Volume 5" or: "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans - Volume 5" Choose your favorite web site and order volume 5!

January 25, 2011: More on the Network DVD impending release of all 39 episodes of Hawkeye! I've heard a little bit more about the upcoming release of the DVD set, right from the company: "I can confirm that 31 of the 39 episodes are brand new transfers from the original 35mm film elements. Our licence is for region 2 only so we will not be producing a region 1/NTSC set, though people with a multi-region player will be able to play our set perfectly well and we do ship overseas." So, unless your player is multi-regional and capable of playing Region 2 dvds, you and I are out of luck. Further: "We are currently selling this via our website only (not general release)... " See either the News item directly below or go to the Network DVD web site for more information: "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans for 40.84"

January 22, 2011: "GREAT NEWS: All 39 episodes are being released on DVD": Tom Dischley informed me tonight that all 39 episodes of "Hawkeye asnd the Last of the Mohicans" are being released in a 5 disc set on January 31, 2011. Now the bad news, its being released in England and will be Region 2 dvds, so North America and other regions that are not Region 2 will be out of luck. Unless, of course, you have a multi-region DVD player. I'm not familiar with the releasing company which appears to be called Network DVD. If anyone buys this set, feel free to get in touch with me and give me a review of the set. I'll give you the web site that I found for this company and for the Hawkeye set that will be in stock on January 31, 2011: "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans for 40.84" Thanks for alerting me Tom!

October 29, 2010: John Hart interview by Sunset Carson - Revised edition added! Last July, a contributor to You Tube, posted an interview of John Hart by Sunset Carson. I was notified today, that a revised video, with the complete interview, has now been added to You Tube. You can view the complete interview here: Revised interview with John Hart!

April 5, 2010: "John Hart in "Highway Patrol" coming to the THIS channel on April 6th: On April 6th, the THIS channel begins broadcasting the 1955 television series, "Real Stories of the Highway Patrol", starring Broderick Crawford. John was in two episodes and his first episode, "Hitchhiker" will be shown on April 13th. John's second episode will be broadcast on April 30th. On March 9th, I posted some screen shots of John in the "Hitchhiker" episodes on my John Hart. You can see them here: "Highway Patrol" - Hitchhiker and in: "Highway Patrol" - Harbor Story

March 9, 2010: "Sunset Carson Interview of John Hart on You Tube"! Jeff Smith was kind enough to send me to a wonderful You Tube link. Its a 7 minute and 19 second interview of John Hart by Sunset Carson: "Sunset Carson Interviews John Hart" Thanks to Jeff Smith for passing along this great interview segment with John Hart, to me and all of his fans. It was probably filmed in the early 1980's when John was an Associate Producer on the televison program, "Quincy M.E."

January 27, 2010: "John Hart in "Highway Patrol": I've added a page of screen saves from an episode of the 1955 tv series "Highway Patrol" that John appeared in with Broderick Crawford. Check it out here: "Highway Patrol" - Hitchhiker John appeared in two episodes and I'll try to add screen saves from the second episode, soon!

January 9, 2010: "John Hart Tribute Edition cookbook"! Mick LaFever has just announced that a tribute edition of John's "Cowboys in the Kitchen" will be available in late January or early February, 2010. The original "Cowboys in the Kitchen" has been sold out for some time. Mick advises that the cookbook will essentially be the same recipes with the addition of some new illustrations and an added page by John's wife, Beryl Hart. Mick is taking orders now and wanted me to remind fans that only 100 copies will be printed. Click here to view the page with all the details: "John Hart Tribute Edition cookbook"

November 4, 2009: "Western Clippings and John Hart": Boyd Magers did a great job in remembering John Hart in the Nov./Dec. '09 issue of "Western Clippings" which arrived in the mail today. Starting on the first page, with the obituary for John, including a list of many of his acting accomplishments. Boyd continues with his interview with John titled "Getting to the John Hart of the Matter" on page 12. Finally, another interview with John on page 26, with Tom Weaver. In this interesting article, John talks to Tom about the "Hawkeye" series, meeting his future wife, Beryl Braithwaite and several interesting stories of how he made a living after the "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" tv series was cancelled. "Western Clippings" is an excellent newsletter and I do recommend it. You can get more information about becoming a subscriber at Boyd's web site at: "Western Clippings" **Additional: In Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins column on page 19, he also talks a bit about John.

October 30, 2009: "SCOOP has a John Hart: In Memoriam web page"! Tim Lasiuta contributing to SCOOP did a nice tribute for John Hart. You can connect to it here: "In Memoriam: John Hart"

September 28, 2009: John Hart Tribute in the next issue of "Western Clippings" Boyd Magers will have a tribute to John Hart in issue # 92 (November-December 2009) of his excellent newsletter, "Western Clippings". Might be a good time for you to subscribe in order to receive that issue. You can get subscription information at Boyd's web site: "Western Clippings" Also in this issue will be information about a Colt and a hat that once belonged to John Hart, which was sold for nearly $11,000 at an auction.

September 28, 2009: "Alpha Video released a Volume 4 set of Hawkeye episodes": Alpha Video apparently released a 4th volume of "Hawke and The Last of the Mohicans" television shows in March of this year. This set includes these 4 episodes:"The Girl", "The Washington Story", "The Reckoning" and "The Morristown Story". I just today bought this volume on Ebay for $3.35 and $3 in shipping charges. You can also purchase it directly from the web site. For more information go to "Hawkeye Volume # 4" . You might encourage Oldies/Aplha Video to release additional dvds of the remaining Hawkeye episodes, as I have just done.

September 23, 2009: John Hart's death in the L. A. Times Dennis McLellan of the LA Times did a nice obituary story on John and it can be viewed on-line at: "John Hart dies at 91; the other 'Lone Ranger"

September 22, 2009: "John Hart, 91, died at about 2 p.m., Sunday, September 20, 2009": I just arrived home this evening, from a short trip, to find an email message from John's daughter, Robyn, informing me that her father, John Hart, died this past Sunday. Robyn and John's wife, Beryl, were with John when he passed away. Robyn wrote this: "We are having him cremated and a Memorial Service to spread his ashes in the ocean off the coast of Baja. This is a place he loved very much. He surfed up and down the California coast, including Baja. He could see where he used to surf from the deck of his home. the end of his life was wonderful. He had a beautiful life and a beautiful death. If you write about this to the fan clubs please tell people to not send flowers or cards, but instead make donations in his name to an orphanage in Baja. For more information go to "Rosarito Angels" . "Cha Cha was a good friend of Dad and Beryl. They were part of her circle of support for the orphanage. After all, supporting the orphans is what the Lone Ranger would do."

August 29, 2009: Looking for those who bought Hawkeye tv show scripts on Ebay! I'd like to correspond with those who purchased Hawkeye tv show scripts that once belonged to John Hart. They were sold by John's agent, Mick LaFever, at various times over the last couple of years. If you bought any of the scripts, please email me using the address on the front page of this web site. I am interested in obtaining information from the scripts for a project.

June 26, 2009: "John Hart's Lone Ranger episodes": On Monday, July 13th, season 3 episodes, starring John Hart as the Lone Ranger, will begin to be broadcast on WHT. The episodes will continue to be broadcast through part of September.

February 18, 2009: John's appearance in a "Cimarron City" episode! I've added a a few screen saves from John's appearance in a "Cimarron City" episode titled "Return of the Dead" that was first broadcast on February 14, 1959. You can find a permanent link to it on my John Hart's Television Credits page. I'll also include a quick link to it here: John Hart - in "Cimarron City"

December 13, 2008: Happy Birthday wishes go out to John Hart: It's John Hart's 91st birthday today and we couldn't let the day go by without wishing him a very Happy Birthday from all his fans and friends: "Happy Birthday John"

December 4, 2008: Photo of John & Clayton Moore! Mick LaFever was kind enough to share a photo of Clayton and John with all of us. Mick believes the photo was taken at the 1997 Golden Boot Awards. Thanks Mick! A permanent link to the photo can be found by clicking on the "John Hart - Clayton Moore" button on the front page . I'll include a quick link to it here: "John Hart - Clayton Moore photo"

October 27, 2008: Enid Hart Douglass! Deepest sympathy is extended to John & Beryl Hart and all of their family upon learning of the death of John's sister, Enid Hart Douglass, on October 17, 2008 in California. Thanks to Chuck Campbell for the notifcation.

August 6, 2008: "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981) coming out on DVD! Thanks to Mickey Giersch for making me aware that the 1981 "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" movie will be available on DVD on August 26th. This will be a wide screen version and is being released by Lions Gate Films. Lions Gate's web site offers it for $11.98 plus shipping, Deep Discount is offering it for $10.31 with free shipping and is offering it for $9.99 plus shipping for some examples of pricing. This is the Klinton Spilsbury & Michael Horse version with a small part played by John Hart as Lucas Striker. You can get a few details on the Lions Gate web site:
"The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981) - Lions Gate Films

June 22, 2008:More John Hart items on Ebay! Mick LaFever has added a few more John Hart items on Ebay today and they will run for about a week. Check them out here: John Hart items on Ebay

June 21, 2008: Guns of the Old West magazine! My news item about the Summer issue of "Guns of the Old West" magazine seems to have been lost so I will mention it again. Issue # 58 has a very nice article titled "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" by C. Jack Lewis and it includes information & photos on Clayton, Jay Silverheels, John Hart and others. I've noticed a few errors but it's still an interesting read. Wal Mart carries the magazine in my area.

June 19, 2008: Season 3 Lone Ranger episodes to be shown on WHT, beginning June 30th! Note for John Hart fans, WHT will broadcast a month's worth of John Hart as the Lone Ranger episodes. WHT will begin with episode 79 on June 30th and end the John Hart run on July 25th with episode 98. WHT will then resume with Clayton Moore episodes from where they left off, with episode # 38 on July 28th.**NOTE: 6/21/08- The change, just verified, that WHT will begin with episode # 79, the first episode of season 3 on June 30th.

June 9, 2008: One copy of John Hart's "Cowboy in the Kitchen" book for sale! Jim Hollaert of "Jim n' I Enterprises" has ended his close-out sale as of today but he just discovered that he had overlooked a brand new, never used copy of John Hart's cookbook. (*NOTE: John signed it, "To Jim") If you missed your chance to get a copy, Jim is selling this one for $25, shipping included. Contact Jim by phone at: (760)247-5020 or email him at: SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

May 6, 2008: "Cowboys in the Kitchen" cookbook-- SOLD OUT! Mick LaFever reports that John's cookbook, "Cowboys in the Kitchen" has sold out and is not available at this time. The good news is that another edition of the cookbook may be possible in the future, so stay tuned.

December 26, 2007: "The Greatest American Hero" with John Hart! Those of you who have an affiliate station of the RTN (Retro Television Network), might check to see if your local affiliate currently carries episodes of the "The Greatest American Hero" television show. My local affiliate station is scheduled to broadcast the episode "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" on Saturday, January 5, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. CST. This episode stars John Hart.

December 23, 2007: John Hart spurs on auction! The auction of John Hart memorabilia is continuing with many unusual and one-of-a-kind items. One item that might interest fans is a set of John Hart owned Edward Bohlin spurs. A signed letter goes along with the spurs, hand written by Beryl Hart and signed by both John and Beryl and gives the history of the spurs, which includes John using them when he worked on The Lone Ranger and in other westerns. Check out these spurs and be sure to check out all the other items which are currently on auction on Ebay. I can attest that Mick LaFever is very good in running these auctions, as his 100% positive feedback rating shows. I have purchased items from Mick and have been very satisfied with my auction winnings. Check out the spurs and then check out the other items which are added to every Sunday, as the previous auctions come to an end: John Hart spurs on Ebay

December 13, 2007: Happy Birthday John Hart! Today is the 90th birthday of John Hart and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. I hope you have a fabulous celebration with your family and friends!

August 9, 2007: John Hart Memorabilia Auction on Ebay! Mick LaFever has been selected by John & Beryl Hart to auction off John's lifetime collection of Hollywood memorabilia. In this collection are many of John's personal momentos & items. There is something for every level of collector & fan. Mick will be adding new items every week on Thursday, until the collection is gone. John started his lifelong acting career in Hollywood in the 1930s, so there are some really great items to be offered. All items will come with a certificate of authenticity and full lifetime guarantee issued by Mick, John Hart's agent. Mick has been John's agent for many years. Mick's Ebay ID is: Bigmick45 . An easy way to find the items is to do a search on Ebay with the words: John Hart Lone Ranger Hawkeye . Here is the first item up for this special auction: "John Hart on Ebay"

June 17, 2007: John Hart is doing good! I learned from John's daughter today that John is "chugging along" and doing quite well considering his health problems. John and Beryl are enjoying their new residence.

May 23, 2007: Timeless Media Group has Hawkeye episodes on DVD! Bob H. has informed me that Timeless Media Group has released a 2 disc, 10 episode DVD set of Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans. Unfortunately, if you own the Platinum Disc and the Alpha Video DVD sets, you already have the same episodes that are on the Timeless set. The set is priced at $9.98 and it would be interesting to see what the quality is of this set. You can check it out here: Timeless Media

May 1, 2007: WHT Lone Ranger Contest! WHT has informed me that fans should watch WHT for a trivia contest during the month of May. WHT will be giving away 10 free memberships to the Lone Ranger Fan Club. They will also be giving away 100 bumper stickers. Contestants will need to answer correctly, 4 trivia questions and be the first 100 contestants to do so. Stay tuned to WHT for the contest and other details. Thanks to Joe & Sandy Southern of the Lone Ranger Fan Club for their participation & contribution and to WHT for this interesting event.

April 19, 2007: John Hart Lone Ranger Episodes Coming to WHT! I have just learned that WHT will be running some of the episodes from season 3, with John Hart as the Lone Ranger, during the months of May and June. Not sure why they are doing this at this time nor why they won't broadcast the entire 3rd season either. The first episode to be broadcast on May 1st is scheduled to be # 87, "Delayed Action" as they appear to be skipping the first 8 shows of season 3. You might not see these episodes for a while, so take advantage of this opportunity!

December 28, 2006: Watch Bat Masterson and John Hart on the Westerns channel! The Westerns channel is going to start broadcasting the old t.v. series "Bat Masterson" in January, beginning with a marathon of the first 23 episodes on January 7th, starting at midnight(Eastern time). John was in at least 3 episodes of "Bat Masterson" although none were in the first 23 episodes. Westerns will then broadcast Bat, twice a day, Monday through Friday, from 4 to 5 p.m. (Central time). It looks like Westerns will also broadcast some of the episodes at various times, probably as filler between movies. John may be in additional episodes that I don't know about. I'll add the air dates for John's known episodes as they are scheduled.

December 16, 2006: Good news on John! John's health has improved and he was able to have a very happy birthday celebration.

December 13, 2006: Happy Birthday to John Hart! December 13, 2006 is the 89th birthday of John Hart and on behalf of all of his fans, I say, "Happy Birthday John"!

November 14, 2006: John Hart Mask on Auction! Thanks to Joe Southern for the initial tip on Julien's Auctions. Beginning tomorrow, November 15, 2006, you can view and bid on-line for a number of items from John Hart's collection, including a Lone Ranger mask. The live auction takes place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on December 16th.: Julien's Auctions

August 26, 2006: John Hart is ill: I received information tonight, that John Hart is very ill. The family has asked me to inform John's fans that he is no longer able to respond to any fan mail. Please do not send any correspondence to John as it is no longer possible for him to reply. John no longer lives in California.

May 17, 2006: Hawkeye in the 1956-57 Toronto Daily Star newspaper: With great assistance from Ian and Kyle Macpherson, I have added a new page with clippings from the Toronto Daily Star from several issues in 1956-57. The clippings have some interesting information about the filming of the Hawkeye series in the Pickering, Ontario, Canada series. I think fans will enjoy reading them and I thank Ian for finding them for us. I'll add a permanent link to it from the Hawkeye filming location page but for now, you can get to the page by clicking on this button: "Toronto Daily Star clippings"

April 13, 2006: Hawkeye Filming Location: Clayton Self and myself have put together a couple of pages on the filming location site for "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" series in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. First you can read an interesting piece that Clayton put together on his web site. You can then compare a page of photos, current ones by Clayton and some episode photo captures. It's with a great deal of hope, that a commemorative plaque can be installed in the general area of the filming location. 2007 will be the 50th anniversary of the premiere of this great television program and this is an ideal time to honor this television series as well as John Hart and Lon Chaney, Jr. Here's how to find Clayton's page and he will link back to my page of photos: "Clayton Self's Mohicans Locations page" You can find the page of photos on my web site at: Hawkeye Filming Location - Then and Now!

March 29, 2006: John in Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: I have located the episode of "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" that John appeared in and I have captured some pictures of him from it. Critic's Choice Video has made the entire 1st season of Sergeant Preston available on DVD. I purchased the set of 5 dvds from You can check out the pictures from that episode here and I will have a permanent link to it from my John Hart Television Credits page: "John in Sergeant Preston"

February 4, 2005: The Lone Ranger on WHT: As John Hart fans know, WHT decided to run season 1 episodes of The Lone Ranger instead of finishing up with season 3, John's episodes. If you want to let WHT know, that you want them to show all of the season 3 episodes, you need to send them a courteous and polite message. Express your desire to watch the John Hart, Season 3 episodes, to WHT. You can find a link to them by going to the LeSEA Broadcasting web site, Contact Us, page. Choose how you receive WHT and fill in the other requested information. Here's that web page: "Contact WHT - LeSEA Broadcasting"

January 28, 2006: WHT broadcasts of The Lone Ranger! As viewers of the WHT can attest to, the Lone Ranger broadcasts have taken a twist. While half-way through season 3 (the John Hart season) WHT started broadcasting the beginning of season 1 (with no change in the guide until this past Friday). From the schedule that I have, this continues through next week, with season 1 shows being shown. However, this same guide shows that WHT reverts back to season 3 shows on Monday, February 6th with episode # 95, thus skipping some of the John Hart episodes. Confused? I am and since I don't receive WHT, it makes it hard to keep up, so I depend on Lone Ranger fans like Deb J., Mickey G. and others to alert me to current events. I have a message in to Lesea Broadcasting and hope that they can tell me what is going on and what Lone Ranger fans can expect to see for a schedule in the next week or two. For now, viewers can expect the unexpected. Stay tuned!

November 9, 2005: John Hart & Sam Newfield: In the November-December, 2005 issue of "Western Clippings" #68 by Boyd Magers, Francis M. Nevins wrote an interesting piece on film director, Sam Newfield. The article is on pages 24, 25 and 26. An interesting article which included mentioning that Sam directed 38 of the 39 "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" and that Sam directed the movie "Wolf Dog" in which John also appeared in, while in Canada. Immediately after the article by Nevins, is a paragraph on John Hart and John's thoughts on Sam Newfield. That was also quite interesting as John did express his opinion. "Western Clippings" is published bi-monthly and is an excellent newsletter for western movie and TV show fans and I highly recommend it. You can contact Boyd at:

October 31, 2005: Platinum Disc Corp: I received a message today, that Platinum Disc does not have plans to release anymore Hawkeye episodes to DVD. Also, for your information, Platinum Disc Corporation is now called Echo Bridge Home Entertainment and they are constructing a new web site to reflect their company. Although it's still under construction, their web site will be found at: "Echo Bridge Home Entertainment"

October 25, 2005: Hawkeye episodes on DVD by Alpha Video: Alpha Video has released a 3rd volume of Hawkeye episodes onto DVD. But, it appears, based on their web site information, that they repeated an episode that was already on Volume 2. According to their web site, the episodes on Volume 3 are: "The Threat", "The Promised Valley", "Way Station", and the repeated episode is "The Contest". I'm trying to clarify whether that information is correct or in error. *** UPDATE ***October 26*** The 4th episode is actually "False Faces". The first 1,000 DVDs have the typo error of "The Contest" on the DVD jacket but the episode is indeed "False Faces". Good news for you Hawkeye fans throughout the world, as all three Hawkeye volumes are not encoded and thus are useable throughout the world, according to the web site. Hawkeye fans throughout the world, please purchase these episodes and perhaps Alpha Video will release all of the remaining episodes! The web site for Aplha Video is and they are selling this volume for $5.95 and you can see the photo and other details here: "Alpha Video/

August 31, 2005: 4 more Hawkeye episodes coming on DVD: Found out today that Alpha Video is going to be releasing another volume (Volume 3) of 4 more Hawkeye episodes on October 25, 2005. I don't know what the titles are yet but I'll post them here once I find out, so stay tuned. The suggested retail price is set at $6.98.

August 3, 2005: More Hawkeye episodes coming on DVD: Yes, we can expect the release of additional volumes of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" being released in the next couple of months. I hope to hear more details soon, of how many volumes, which episodes, etc. Once I get additional information, I'll be sure to pass it along here and name the company too. My contact at the company tells us to have "patience" as they will be coming.

June 19, 2005: Parade Magazine, Sunday, June 19, 2005: If you get Parade magazine in your Sunday newspaper, did you catch the Personality Parade section on page two? There was a black & white photo and a question asking what happened to the two stars (Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels) of The Lone Ranger t.v. show. If you saw it but didn't notice the caption on the photo, read it again as mention is also made of John Hart, as well, as in the text answer.

June 13, 2005: Hawkeye Coloring Book: I added a couple of pictures from an old "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" coloring book that I recently picked up. The book was copyrighted but no year was given but I would guess it to be 1956 or 1957. The link can be found on my front page, last item in the left column.

March 4, 2005: John Hart recent photo: Jim Hollaert kindly lent me a picture that his wife took at the recent 8th Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival in Victorville, California. In the future, you can access it on the fron page under John Hart Photos # 6. Here is a direct link to it now: "John Hart in Victorville, CA in February 2005"

March 2, 2005: "The Greatest American Hero" DVD + autograph! Jim Hollaert of "Jim n' I Enterprises" has a special deal for those of you who purchase "The Greatest American Hero" Season 1 DVD set from him. Here's where to go to find them: "Jim n' I Enterprises" Click on the STORE button at the top of the page, then click on the "LONE RANGER DVD'S, VHS & CD" on that page and then on the next page, go to the last item on the page to find the DVD set and a John Hart autographed page of stills from the episode. Jim obtained the autographs from John at the recent Roy Rogers Festival. Jim says he only has a very limited number of these available, so don't delay.

February 10, 2005: The recent "Hawkeye" episodes by Alpha Video! I just did a quick review of the two Alpha Video DVDs of Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans that I recently purchased. Compared to the Platinum Disc DVDs, Alpha Video's version comes in second place. Platinum seemed to do a bit better in giving us good quality episodes but the Alpha Video dvds are still pretty good. Only one episode, in the Alpha Video version, "The Contest" in Volume 2, seemed to have a lot of glitches but the other episodes were o.k. I'd choose the Platinum Disc version first, without a doubt, however. I have many versions of some of the Hawkeye episodes on video tape and most of them are pretty bad and several have the wrong cast lists on the ending credits. Both the Platinum and the Alpha DVDs have the correct cast lists with the correct episodes and are usually superior to any of the video copies that I have. Let's hope that Platinum Disc continues with releasing additional Hawkeye episodes but if they don't, I'll be happy with any additional episodes done by Alpha Video. There is a mailing address for Platinum Disc Corporation on their package and if you want to see more episodes, please write them and let them know. As far as I know, they do not yet have a web site.

January 27, 2005: See John Hart in "The Greatest American Hero" on DVD! My thanks to Lone Ranger fan Mark Largent for alerting me that the first season of "The Greatest American Hero" is going to be released on DVD on February 8, 2005. The list price for this set is $29.95 but check around and you can find it for less. This particular episode, "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys", is very well done and John appears in costume as The Lone Ranger in this episode which was first broadcast on April 29, 1981. You can check out a few pictures from this episode by returning to my front page and clicking on John Hart Television Credits, in the left column.

January 19, 2005: "Hawkeye" episodes by Platinum Disc Corporation! I just received a 2 dvd set of 10 Hawkeye television show episodes and I have been able to watch 6 of the 10 shows and thus far, I am impressed, with one exception. These episodes look great and thus far, they show the correct ending credits for the 6 shows that I have been able to view. The one exception is the episode of "False Faces" which showed several instances of interference, which appear to have come during the manufacturing process. But, except for a bit of interference, the quality of the episode is still very good. The quality of these shows viewed so far is very nice and they do appear to have been made from the masters. I purchased this set from the web site but your local Best Buy store may have them in stock. None of the stores in my area had them, so I purchased it from the Best Buy web site. They sell the two dvds separately too but I bought the 2 disc set and even with the shipping charge, the total cost was only about $10. These are NOT the Alpha Video dvds that I mentioned on December 26th as they aren't being released until January 25th so I don't know if they will match the quality of the Platinum Corp. discs. I hope that Platinum continues to release more of the Hawkeye episodes, especially if they can provide the quality they have given and I will be writing to Platinum to ask them to give us the rest of the episodes. Hope to review the remaining 4 episodes today and I will add any additional information at the end of this News note. I have the Alpha Video dvds coming too and will let you know what I think of them as well, but the Platinum dvds are an excellent buy at about a $1 per episode. The color graphics on the dvd cases are great too! For the first time, I saw two episodes that are actually titled on screen, which I had never seen before on any of the numerous video tapes of episodes. The titles in this set include: Hawkeye's Homecoming, The Way Station, The Search, The Scapegoat, False Faces, Stubborn Pioneer, Washington Story, Circle of Hate, Powder Keg, and False Witness. **NOTE: I reviewed the remaining 4 episodes on the Platinum dvds and they are of equal, very good quality with one additional exception of some brief interference present in the episode, False Witness. This set is a good buy!

January 9, 2005: See John Hart in person in February! If you are going to be in the Victorville, CA area on February 26th & 27th, you will have the opportunity to see John Hart and a number of other guest celebrities. The occasion will be the 8th Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival which will be held at the Ramada Inn Convention Center, 15494 Palmdale Road, Victorville, CA. Ticket prices aren't available yet and you may wish to confirm the guest schedule line-up with the organization as the date gets a bit closer. "A highlight of the festival this year will be the Saturday Night Awards Banquet featuring a special Celebrity Panel Discussion, hosted by Boyd Magers, founder and publisher of the popular Western Clippings newsletter. Two additional outstanding Celebrity Panels hosted by Boyd Magers will be held Saturday and Sunday during the festival." I don't know which, if any, panels John will be a part of, so be sure to ask, when you call for information. The Saturday night banquet, on the 26th, requires advanced reservations, if you want to attend. Get the details and a phone number to call for information here: "John Hart to make a guest appearance"Thanks to my friend, Chuck Campbell, for directing me to this event!

December 26, 2004: "Hawkeye" episodes coming on DVD! Alpha Video is going to be releasing two volumes (8 episodes) of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" with John Hart & Lon Chaney, Jr., on January 25, 2005. is showing them on their web site but I don't know if they will show up in local video stores or not. is pricing them at $5.95 per volume with 4 episode per volume. I don't have any idea of the quality of what these episodes will be, but I will try to find out and report back here, at least what Alpha Video says about them. Just two volumes listed so far and they do have nice looking cover graphics. In the mean time, you can get a little information from the web site. Just search for movies DVD, under the single word: Hawkeye: " will have Hawkeye on DVD"

April 9, 2004: More John Hart films at VCI: Just a reminder that while you are ordering John Hart's "Jack Armstrong The All-American Boy", be sure to check out the other films that VCI carries in which John made appearances. For example: "Cowboy and the Prizefighter" and "The Fighting Redhead" which are two of the Red Ryder movies with Jim Bannon and which John appeared in and are both available on the same DVD for only $19.99. Check them out at: "VCI Entertainment"

March 29, 2004: "Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy"! Great news, VCI has a release date for John Hart's "Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy" on DVD. It is scheduled for release on April 27, 2004: "VCI Entertainment" This is a 15 chapter serial and stars John Hart as Jack Armstrong. **April 9th: Available on DVD or VHS for $19.99 each for 270 minutes of exciting chases, fights and thrills! Order now!

March 1, 2004: See John Hart this coming weekend: If you are going to be in or near the Victorville, California area on Saturday, March 6th or Sunday, March 7th, you have an opportunity to see a number of western stars at the 7th Annual Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Western Film Festival. The guest stars that were confirmed as of January 27th include: John Hart, Clint Walker, Ty Hardin, House Peters Jr., Chris Alcaide, Donna Martell, Kelo Henderson, and others. Guest appearances may change as a result of health and other availability. The festival will be held at the Cinemark 10 Theater in the Mall of Victor Valley, Victorville, CA. This is located at I-15 & Bear Valley Road in Victorville. It will be held 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. each day. The celebrity guests are usually there from 9 a.m. to about 2 or 3 p.m. They will have a celebrity guest panel discussion in one of the theaters hosted by Boyd Magers each day. You can check out the complete list of scheduled guests on this page of the Happy Trails web site: "Happy Trails" Thanks to Jim Hollaert for sending me the information.

January 26, 2004: "Snowbird" actress - Rochelle Goldstein Porter! I just added a new web page about the actress who played "Snowbird" in the Hawkeye episode, "The Indian Doll". Many thanks to Rochelle for helping me out with information and photos and you can find the page here: "Rochelle Goldstein Porter"

January 17, 2004: New Page added! I just added a few screen shots from one of the episodes called "The Indian Doll". You can access it from the Episodes Guide off the front page and then by scrolling down to episode # 38 and clicking on the highlighted text. I'm working on a special addition to this page and hope to have it added within the next week or two.

Janyary 14, 2004: "Hawkeye" episodes are on t.v.! Some more news on "Hawkeye" being available on television. I talked about this before but I have a bit more information now, including the schedule. Generally, you can receive Familyland Television Network (channel 9717) on the Sky Angel Satellite System which is only available on DISH brand equipment. A month's subscription to Familyland Television Network is $11.99 and they carry "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" show along with episodes of "Northwest Passage", "Robin Hood", "Roy Rogers", "Annie Oakley" and a few other 50's shows. "Hawkeye" comes on once a week on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. Central/4:00 p.m. Eastern times. Here is the upcoming episodes schedule for Hawkeye from January 20th through April 27th, 2004: 1/20 - The Contest, 1/27 - The Brute, 2/3 - The Reckoning, 2/10 - Indian Doll, 2/17 - The Prisoner, 2/24 - The Long Rifles, 3/2 - Snake Tattoo, 3/9 - The Truant, 3/16 - The Printer, 3/23 - The Threat, 3/30 - Washington Story, 4/6 - The Girl, 4/13 - The Promised Valley, 4/20 - The Morristown Story, 4/27 - The Scapegoat. If anyone has access to Familyland, please contact me as I'd like to find out about the quality of the shows, etc.

September 23, 2003: John was in "Wolf Dog" (1958): Jeff Wilson has a new web site dedicated to the 1958 feature film "Wolf Dog" starring Jim Davis. John Hart was also in this movie, which is very rare to find. If anyone has a copy of this film, let me know or let Jeff know through the contact information on his web site. Jeff includes photos of the lobby cards for this movie and John is featured in a couple of them. Check out this movie and the lobby cards at: "Wolf Dog"

July 27, 2003: Hawkeye on t.v.? If anyone has access to the Familyland Television Network, I understand that they will be broadcasting "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" in August, 2003 on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. CDT. I don't know if this is the actual 1957 series with John & Lon or an animated series. If anyone has additional information on this, please contact me at the email address found on the front page. Thanks!

February 13, 2003: John Hart's "Jack Armstrong" on DVD soon: It appears that VCI's "Jack Armstrong" with John Hart, is getting closer for release. It has appeared as a "coming soon" mention on the web site. It will run 270 minutes and it will include such specials as an interview with John Hart, Photo gallery and Trailers. It sounds like it will include cast biographies and production stills as well. List price is $29.99 and DVD Planet lists their price as $20.99.

January 12, 2003: John's "Biography" magazine interview! In case you didn't get a chance to read the brief interview in Biography magazine in 2002, you can view the article at the following Biography web site at: "John in Biography magazine"

December 18, 2002: Hawaii Conference Cancelled: The ICARE conference in Honolulu was cancelled.

November 30, 2002: John's birthday coming up! John will be turning 85 on December 13th. If you want to send me an email with a brief Happy Birthday message to John, I will be happy to forward them to him. Please have your message e-mailed to me by 12 noon (CST) on December 8th and I will send them via Postal Service to him on December 9th. Send them to me at:

November 30, 2002: "Christmas Mountain" (1980) information: John is supposed to be in a TV movie titled "Christmas Mountain" from 1980. The movie also starred Slim Pickens and Fran Ryan. If anyone has this movie or knows where I can find a copy, please let me know. I'd appreciate in finding out the role that John played in the movie.NOTE* 11/16/2003 - This was not our John Hart and was apparently a different actor with the same name.

October 27, 2002: Upcoming appearance for John! John will be a speaker at an ICARE conference in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 18, 2002. Also appearing will be actress Noel Neill, best known as Lois Lane from "Adventures of Superman". Read the details here : "John goes to Hawaii"

October 9, 2002: John in pictures at the Hollywood Collector's Show: Chuck Campbell was kind enough to share some photos that were taken during the Hollywood Collector's Show in Hollywood, California this past weekend. Thanks Chuck! Check his pictures out here: "John at the Hollywood Collector's Show"

August 30, 2002: Hollywood Collector's Show, October 5th & 6th! John is scheduled to appear at the next Hollywood Collector's Show at the Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, California on October 5th and 6th. It's a great chance to meet John and get an autograph. I'm sure he will have some pictures for you to choose from and maybe some copies of his excellent cookbook. John will be there with a number of western stars, including, Hugh O'Brian, William Smith, Peter Brown, Bruce Boxleitner (Sunday, the 6th only), Tommy Farrell, Lois Hall, Gale Storm, Michael Dante and Morgan Woodward. If you're in the area, don't miss your chance to meet John.

May 28, 2002: "Rawhide" series is coming to the Hallmark channel! John appeared in a number of the "Rawhide" television episodes and beginning July 6, 2002, the Hallmark channel will begin to broadcast them. The scheduled time for the program is 2:00 p.m. and I believe that is Eastern time but I am not yet sure. I'll do my best to add the episodes with John's appearances to the TV Schedule when I find them out. Stay tuned!

May 28, 2002: Biography magazine with John is out! The half page article on John Hart does appear in the June issue of Biography magazine on page 26. One picture of John as the Lone Ranger and a more recent photo of John also appear with the article with a mention of John's agent, Mick LaFever.

May 8, 2002: New books out with John Hart information: Be on the lookout for a couple of new books with interviews and such with John's contribution. The first one is titled "Official TV Western Round-Up Book" by Neil Summers and Roger Crowley. John joins a list of other stars who make comments and recall memories about their various series. This book ia available at the Old West Shop at (304) 295-3161 and they are also on the Internet at: "Old West Shop". A second book is titled "The Encyclopedia of TV Pets" by Ken Beck and Jim Clark and it includes several pages about the various Silvers used on the "Lone Ranger" television show. John makes some interesting comments in this book and it's a nice book for your library as many of the animals from many television shows are discussed. You can read a bit more about it and order it through Rutledge Hill Press at their web site at: "Encyclopedia of TV Pets". Thanks to Mick LaFever for this new information about John being in print again. Also, don't forget that John is scheduled to be in the June issue of Biography magazine, unless it was going to be delayed by the Biography people. The June issue should be out on the newsstands fairly soon so keep watching for it

April 11, 2002: John's making a public appearance in Ohio on April 25th! I have just received information that John will be appearing at a conference organization called ICARE, INC., and John is part of a conference that they are sponsoring called "GROWING UP HAPPY" which is a celebration of childhood heroes. Other presenters will be Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo), author Emily Oldak, Southwestern singer Patty Peterson, and legendary Maryland guitarist Barron Heiner. John will join the other guests with a presentation and sign free autographed photos. Members of the public are invited to attend this one day event for a cost of $29.00. A wonderful breakfast and buffet luncheon is included at no extra cost. The event takes place on Thursday, April 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is being held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio and pre-registration by phone is a must! If you wish to attend, you should call 1-800-574-7438 as soon as possible. NOTE* ICARE, INC. will accept phone registrations only until 6 p.m., Tuesday April 23rd. The number for the Ramada Plaza is (614) 846-0300. ICARE, INC. will only accept walk-ins if space is available at the conference.

February 26, 2002: Biography Magazine update: I heard today, that the Biography magazine will carry the article about John in its June, 2002 issue and it will be in the "where are they now?" column. As the Biography source told, thats barring any last-minute changes that can occur.

February 24, 2002: Added a new web page! Be sure to check out a new page that I just added on Robert Arthaud or Robert Arthur, as he is usually credited. Robert appeared in three Lone Ranger television episodes and you can use the following link to get to the first of two pages. Robert was in 2 episodes with John Hart. Thanks Robert, for sharing a little bit about your Lone Ranger memories: "Robert Arthur"

February 22, 2002: Biography Magazine: I found out today that John gave an interview for Biography Magazine which will be in an upcoming issue. Maybe March or April but when I find out, I'll let you know right here. Just something for you to be watching for. Thanks to Mick LaFever for the information.

January 18, 2002: John is in the Congressional Record! Just added a page showing the document that was read in to the Congressional Record on behalf of John Hart back in June, 2001. You can view the document here: "John Hart in the Congressional Record"

December 10, 2001: John: John has been a bit under the weather lately but is getting better fast. Keep on improving John! Also, I put together a Happy Birthday page for John's 84th birthday on this coming Thursday, December 13th. "Happy Birthday"

August 21, 2001: Photos from John's trip to Michigan! I have just posted a couple of new pages on John's recent visit to the Sterling, Michigan area last month. John was hosted by Ed & Judy Gilkes so be sure to take a look at the pictures that Ed sent to me to share with all of you. Thanks for the great photos Ed and I was glad to hear that you are thinking about doing something similar again next year. "John Hart Visits Michigan"

August 3, 2001: John's visit to Michigan: I hope to be able to add some pictures of John's appearance in West Branch, Michigan soon, so be sure to check back from time to time. John's host for his visit, Ed Gilkes, is trying to get me some photos from John's stay in that area. Ed is already doing some planning to host a similar function next year and as soon as Ed has some details to share with me, I will pass them along to all of you.

June 8, 2001: Reminder on John Hart's personal appearance in July! I spoke with Mr. Hart tonight and he told me that he is still planning on attending the July 3rd and July 4th events in West Branch, Michigan. See the Public Appearance item farther down this page for more information and how to get tickets for the banquet. You can see John in a couple of parades and at a banquet with a question and answer program during his visit. John is looking forward to seeing and talking with as many fans as he can during his time in West Branch. If you live in the Michigan area or close by, don't pass up this opportunity to see John. If you get some good photos that you want to share with me after his visit, please let me know and I can do a new page to share your pictures with other fans too. I'd love to see them and maybe some video too.

May 15, 2001: John in Starlog magazine # 285: Although it's no longer on the newstands, you can still order a copy of the April # 285 issue of Starlog magazine. There is a nice 4 page article in this issue with numerous photos of John from the Lone Ranger, Adventures of Captain Africa and Jack Armstrong. Also a photo of him from the 1981 "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" movie. John also gives some interesting information about the 1981 movie, his days on the Lone Ranger and as "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" and on his personal life. It's a great issue and I learned a lot more about John from this interview and I know that you will as well. Contact Starlog via email for copies of # 285 at: or you can check their web site at: "Starlog Magazine"

April 20, 2001: New Page added! I just added a new page for John from an episode from a television series that he appeared on titled "Sky King". I am sure that mosy of you are familiar with the Sky King show. You can access it from the link below or off of the front page on "John Hart's Television Credits". Just scroll down that page and hit the hot link, "Sky King" or click here now: "Sky King"

April 15, 2001: John spotted in a movie: A John Hart fan, Chuck C., reported to me that he spotted John in the 1952 movie, "Wild Stallion", starring Ben Johnson, Edgar Buchanan, I. Stanford Jolley, Hugh Beaumont and others. Chuck reports that John is an uncredited Army corporal so check the T.V. Schedule farther down this page for some more chances to catch John in this movie on the Westerns channel AND the MPLEX channel. As far as I can tell, this movie will not be on in May. John's appearance in this movie is a new sighting for me and others.

April 8, 2001: New Page added! I just added a new page for John from an episode from a television series that he appeared on called "C. I. Congressional Investigator". All I know about this series is that it apparently filmed 26 episodes in the 1959-60 era. I don't know the title of this particular episode so if any of you do, please let me know. You can access it from the link below or off of the front page on "John Hart's Television Credits". Just scroll down that page and hit the hot link, "Congressional Investigator" or click here now: "Congressional Investigator"

March 22, 2001: John is making a public appearance!!: See the public appearance information farther down this page regarding John's appearance in West Branch, Michigan on July 3rd & 4th, 2001!

March 20, 2001:What Happened? For a few days, due to a technical problem on the fault of Tripod, this web site was gone from the Internet but now it should be back to stay once again. I should have some changes made to the T.V. Schedule soon. Thanks to those of you who have expressed your sympathy to me and my family in this time of our sorrow.

March 13, 2001: INFORMATION: As you know, my wife became very ill on January 15th and had been in the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics since January 16th. That sad news became even sadder when my wife, Mary, passed away on March 3rd. I will attempt to get back to this web page as well as get my Clayton Moore web page back up on the web in the next couple of weeks. I did want to thank everyone who sent me get well messages on behalf of my wife. They were deeply appreciated......Steve

February 25, 2001:UPDATE Just a quick update while I am again at home for a brief time. My wife remains in an Intensive Care unit and I will probably not be able to do much on the web page through the remainder of February and into March. Again, thank you for all of the messages and forgive me for not being able to acknowledge all of the messages that you have sent. They are definitely appreciated and I thank you....Steve

January 28, 2001: I'M SORRY: Due to an unexpected health crisis that wife developed on January 15th, I will not be able to add information to John's page until further notice. My wife is currently hospitalized and it is taking all of my time and energy to be with her and to work. I hope that all of you will understand.....Steve

January 10, 2001: Episode # 1 in pictures: Please go to my Episodes page and view the pictures from "Hawkeye's Homecoming", episode # 1, which I just added this morning. I added a few extra pictures (24 in all) from this episode and if you get a chance to purchase an episode, this is a good one to get. I'll work on another episode later this week!

January 5, 2001: Another episode in pictures: Please go to my Episodes page and view the pictures from "The Contest", episode # 33, which I just added this evening. The next page I will do will be from the very first episode, "Hawkeye's Homecoming", so stay tuned.

December 26, 2000: Another episode in pictures: Please go to my Episodes page and view the pictures from "Delaware Hoax", episode # 5, which I just added this morning. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you would take a couple of minutes to vote at the Starpages by following the icon near the bottom of the front page. Thanks for helping me out!

December 20, 2000: Merry Christmas John & Beryl! On behalf of myself and many other fans, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!

December 13, 2000: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! On behalf of a number of fans who have written, we all would like to wish you a very happy birthday. May you celebrate with your friends and family and that you know that there are many of your fans who want to say hello and to pass along their good wishes to you. Happy Birthday, John Hart!

October 18, 2000: LOOK! Upcoming personal appearance for John Hart on Sunday, October 29th! Mr. Hart has informed me that he will be appearing at the Big Horse Feed & Farm Supply, 33320 Hwy. 79 in Temecula, Caifornia on Sunday, October 29th from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. John will be signing photos, copies of his cookbook (see the button on the front page or the News item below from October 8th) and other items. This will be a unique opportunity for you to meet and talk with John. Tell him that you read about his appearance on Steve Jensen's web page.

October 18, 2000: Two new pictures! On the front page, at the bottom of the left column is a button to take you to a new page. On that page are a couple of pictures that I bet a lot of you haven't seen before. If you see John in Temecula, ask him about the horse in connection with "the Last of the Mohicans". He has a very funny story connected with this horse. I ran across this photo several months ago and its not one that you see very often. I'll add a few new photos in the coming days, including one of John from 1938, so be sure to check back!

October 18, 2000: Free shipping at Critic's Choice Video: If you have been waiting for a chance to pick up some of the "Last of the Mohicans" episodes and want to save on the shipping, now is your chance. Critic's Choice Video has free shipping on all of their products from now through November 30, 2000. CCVideo carries 6 different tapes of 2 episodes per tape so now is your chance to obtain 12 episodes and save the cost of shipping! They also carry John's "Jack Armstrong" video as well. Just do a search under Actor for John Hart. Here's how to get to CCVideo: "Critic's Choice Video"

October 8, 2000: New Page added! I just added a page for John's cookbook, "Cowboys in the Kitchen" with a couple of pictures and some information about the cookbook. Take a look and then place your order by clicking here: "Cowboys in the Kitchen"

October 1, 2000: John's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: As you can see in the FAQ below, John's star for Television can be seen at 6432 Hollywood Blvd. In John's cookbook, "Cowboys in the Kitchen", is a nice color photo of John beside his star.

September 29, 2000: John at Iverson's in October?? According to a report by Ed Phillips, John Hart may be one of the guests in attendance at the Iverson Movie Ranch at its annual Wild, Wild West, Film Festival and Celebrity Footing on October 21, 2000. Admission benefits the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Happy Trails Children Foundation. The day is planned for fun for the whole family. Activities include: Film Festival, a mix of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Sunset Carson, The Cisco Kid and Lash Larue films along with some good old cliffhanger serials; Music; Celebrity possibles: Cliff Emmich, Steve Stevens, Robert Diamond, Bill Raymond, Tommy "Butch" Bond, Britt Lomond, John Alderson, John Hart, Dennis Fimple, and Steve Kanaly; Food: Great BBQ from the bach of a chuck wagon hosted by the Chuck Wagon Trailers; Western and Movie Memorabilia; Classic Cars; and Raffles. Walk through the famed Garden Of the Gods, visit the Lone Ranger Rock and view Nyoka Cliff. Located in Chatsworth, CA. From the 118 freeway take Topanga Canyon exit south, Turn right on the Santa Susanna Pass Road, Turn right on Red Mesa, Turn right on Iverson Lane. From the 101 freeway, turn north on Topanga Canyon, turn left on the Santa Susanna Pass Rd, Turn right on Red Mesa, Turn right on Iverson Lane. For more information you can call: (818) 833-1892. Iversons is open at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Call to verify the guests attending, including John, before you make your final plans. Its your chance to view the Lone Ranger Rock, eat some good food and listen to some good music, whether your favorite guest is there or not. **NOTE: Updated October 7th: John has informed me that it is very unlikely that he will be able to attend this event.

September 22, 2000: "Cowboys in the Kitchen" by John Hart! I received my copy of John's cookbook the other day and I recommend it not only to fellow John Hart fans but to cowboy fans in general. Its more than a cookbook. If you want to get some nice pictures of John and and Lon Chaney, Jr., then order this cookbook. Included is a very nice color picture of John with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; one of an action scene with John and Lon from "Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans"; one of John as "The Phantom"; one with John as The Lone Ranger with Silver and there is another absolutely great one of John & Lon Chaney, Jr. as Hawkeye & Chingachgook. There are 80+ pages to this book and it includes many great sounding recipes as well as John's mini-biography. Throughout the cookbook are mini stories from a story about the chuckwagon to several famous Hollywood cowboys, like Jocko Mahoney, Ben Johnson, Beverly Garland, etc. and the recipes that John collected from them and others. The stories are as good as the recipes sound. Its spiral bound, its definitley a great buy and I recommend you get it and soon. Check with John's agent, Mick LaFever, as he is handling the sales for John. Ask Mick about getting the little catalog of the pictures that are available of John for purchase. The catalog is a great buy for $2.00 by itself. You can give Mick a call with any questions at: (716) 226-9746 or you can email Mick with any questions at: Mick LaFever

September 11, 2000: New Page added! I just added a few screen shots from one of the episodes called "False Faces". You can access it from the Episodes Guide off the front page and then by scrolling down to episode # 30 and clicking on the highlighted text. I found an error with the cast list on the video that I have. They don't match the characters in the episode at all. This is the last episode of "the Last of the Mohicans" that I have on video.

September 10, 2000: New Page added! I just added a few screen shots from one of the episodes called "The Truant". You can access it from the Episodes Guide off the front page and then by scrolling down to episode # 34 and clicking on the highlighted text. I will try to add another episode called "False Faces", episode # 30 very soon. That will then be the last of the episodes that I have in my possession for the time being.

September 2, 2000: New Page added! I just added a few screen shots from one of the episodes called "The Reckoning". You can access it from the Episodes Guide off the front page and then by scrolling down to episode # 27 and clicking on the highlighted text. I will try to add another episode in the coming week.

August 31, 2000: New Page added! I just added a few screen shots from one of the episodes called "Winter Passage". You can access it from the Episodes Guide off the front page and then by scrolling down to episode # 26 and clicking on the highlighted text. I will try to add another episode called "The Reckoning", episode # 27 very soon.

May 22, 2000: Another John Hart personal appearance! Don't miss this great opportunity! John has decided to make another personal appearance since it is fairly close to home. John informed me tonight that he will be appearing at the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show on two days, Saturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th. This big and popular show will be held at the Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, California. For more information from the hotel, you can call: 1-800-BEVERLY or 1-818-980-8000. Also appearing, but for just one day on Sunday, June 25th, will be Michael Ansara. Ansara appeared in the pilot episode of "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans". Perhaps John will have a photo from that pilot Mohicans episode which shows John and Michael together in a tense moment scene. What a great way to get a double autograph! For more show information and other celebrities that will be appearing: Click here and go to Ray & Sharon Courts Present Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show

May 20, 2000: John Hart has a cookbook! John had told me a month or so ago that he was having a cookbook published and now you can order a copy. John uses an agent for autographed pictures and now for his cookbook. The cookbook sells for $29.95 + shipping and is titled "Cowboys in the Kitchen" and its autographed by John. There is a limited printing of the cookbook and it contains western style recipes and its"...loaded with mouth watering recipes, funny stories & Hollywood anecdotes!" and was written by John. You can email for the details from Mick LaFever at: Mick LaFever

May 6, 2000: John Hart autographs! To ensure John's privacy and to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain an authentic autographed picture, John prefers that you order a picture through his friend, Mick LaFever. Mick currently has a catalog of 8 pages containing 16 different pictures. The great thing is that you can order a picture signed in the wording you want John to sign on the picture. The catalog itself is a great buy for $2.00 and it gives you some great choices of pictures to choose from, including a color one of John, next to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (In the catalog, it is shown in black & white but the actual picture is in color). You can email Mick for the details of ordering the catalog or for ordering a picture at: Mick LaFever

May 6, 2000: Western Clippings interview John Hart: The bi-monthly newsletter called "Western Clippings" had an interesting interview with John Hart in their latest issue which arrived about a week ago. This is issue #35 May-June, 2000 and is published by Boyd Magers. This is a great newsletter and is chuck full of interesting news and well worth its price. Its nicely printed and this issue is 32 pages in length. If you are interested in the various filming locations of many of the westerns, t.v. shows or movies, be sure to ask Boyd about the B Westerns Filming Guide but don't wait too long as he only had a few copies left for $6, postage paid. Its great! If you want to try a copy of either publication, you can write to: Boyd Magers, 1312 Stagecoach Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 or you can phone him at: (505) 292-0049 or you can email Boyd for information at: Boyd Magers

April 26, 2000: More on the Last of the Mohicans t.v. episodes: Another web site to try for the same 4 episodes and I assume are the same tapes, is at Tower Records. They have the set listed as a special order item and currently on sale for $5.99. The episodes are: # 26. Winter Passage (Sep. 25, 1957), # 27. The Reckoning (Oct. 2, 1957), # 30. False Faces (Oct. 23, 1957) and # 34. The Truant (Nov. 20, 1957). I ordered some other Hawkeye episodes from Critic's Choice Video and they finally came in last week but I have not had a chance to review them yet but they are not produced by Madacy. Check under the movies/DVD category: Action/Adventure at Tower Records at: Tower Records

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March 28, 2000: Last of the Mohicans t.v. episodes: About a week ago, I ordered a two tape set of the "Last of the Mohicans" t.v. show and received them yesterday. I have watched 3 of the shows and they aren't too bad, not the greatest but not the worst either. These I got from and the great thing is that they are only charging 99 cents for shipping, for a limited time and the set is $9.99. There is another tape available but its a combo tape of one episode of the "Last of the Mohicans" t.v. show (unknown title) and an episode of the old t.v. series, "The Adventures of Robin Hood". These are the best tapes of the show that I have as the others were just duplicated copies and they weren't very good. The tapes I received were made by the Madacy Group. If you decide to order the tape set and want the 99 cents shipping, you have to hurry as the shipping special ends on April 2nd. Just go to their web site and do a search on: Last of the Mohicans as I did a search under John Hart and the Mohicans tapes were not listed under his name for some odd reason. The episodes I received were: # 26. Winter Passage (Sep. 25, 1957), # 27. The Reckoning (Oct. 2, 1957), # 30. False Faces (Oct. 23, 1957) and # 34. The Truant (Nov. 20, 1957). I ordered some other Hawkeye episodes from Critic's Choice Video but they have been back-ordered and their shipping is free. The URL for is:"Big Star"

March 22, 2000: John Hart personal appearance! John has scheduled a public appearance for May 11, 12, and 13th, 2000 in Knoxville, Tennessee. John says he will be appearing at the Radisson in Knoxville. This may be one of the last if not the last personal appearance for him, according to John. Those of you who want to see him or to meet him had better make those plans for the Cambridge, OH show on May 5th & 6th or at the Knoxville,TN show. John is strongly thinking about making the Knoxville appearance his last personal appearance.

March 15, 2000: 12 episodes are available:A possible source for some of the "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" television show videos may be Critic's Choice Video. They show 6 videos with two episodes per video are available for $14.95 per video. I just ordered one video today to check it out since I have never ordered from them before. They have free shipping for the year 2000. They also have the same titles in a set for $89.95 but its actually less expensive to order each video as an item instead of the set. I'll let you know here what I think of the video that I ordered. I ordered the tape that has the first episode, "Hawkeye's Homecoming" and episode # 16 "Way Station". If you want to check them out, Critic's Choice Video is at: "Critic's Choice Video"

March 11, 2000: John Hart personal appearance! John is scheduled to appear at the 10th Annual Hopalong Cassidy Festival, at the Convention Center, on May 5th and 6th, 2000 in Cambridge, Ohio. Richard Simmons (Sgt. Preston of the Yukon), Dale Robertson (Tales of Wells Fargo), Grace Bradley Boyd (wife of William "Hopalong Cassidy"Boyd) are also scheduled to appear as well but do keep in mind that their availability depends on health, etc.

February 23, 2000: Information on the Jay Silverheels documentary: I just received some information about the documentary on Jay Silverheels, which was broadcast on February 9th for you lucky fans in Canada. Click this line to go to this page for a press release about the documentary: "Jay Silverheels Documentary"

August 24th, 1999:**NOTE: VCI Home Video has now released the 1947 serial, "Jack Armstrong" on VHS. The DVD version will be available soon. John Hart was the star of this 100 minute, 15 chapter serial. The suggested price is $29.99 + shipping & any applicable taxes. The URL for VCI Home Video is: "VCI Home Video"


    February 26 & 27, 2005 at the Eighth Annual Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Western Film Festival at the Ramada Inn Convention Center, 15494 Palmdale Road, Victorville, CA. See the News item above, dated Janaury 9, 2005 for a web site to go to for more information on this event which features many other celebrities.


    John Hart FAQ

    • John Hart will celebrate his 85th birthday on December 13, 2002

    • "Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans" was filmed in Canada with the exception of the very first episode, which was filmed entirely in Hollywood

    • Lon Chaney, Jr. was John Hart's best man at his wedding which took place in Canada

    • John's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television can be seen at 6432 Hollywood Blvd.

    • The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver and was actually the second of two Silvers used in the t.v. series. The second Silver was brought in specifically for use by John Hart

    • Tonto's horse was named Scout

    • Dan Reid's horse was named Victor

    • Kemo Sabe means "trusty scout" and was the name that Tonto used for The Lone Ranger. Clayton Moore has also said that it means "faithful friend" to him. There are other spellings but this appears to be the most popular version

    • The Lone Ranger Rock, seen in the opening of each Lone Ranger show, is still there but is becoming surrounded by homes and condominiums

    • There were a total of 221 t.v. episodes of The Lone Ranger show filmed and John appeared in 52 of them. Episodes # 79 through # 130

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