"The Indian Doll"

December 18, 1957

The opening title screen for Hawkeye.

Snowbird (Rochelle Goldstein) finds
Hawkeye on the trail to her camp.

Snowbird proudly displaying the doll
that Hawkeye gave to her as a gift.

This is Redwing (Eric Clavering), the
Medicine Man, who is up to no good.

Doeskin (Vita Linder) gives Snowbird a potion
made by Redwing which puts her in a deep sleep.

Doeskin tells Hawkeye & Chingachgook
that the medicine came from Redwing.

Snowbird appears to be in a trance from
the potion she was given.

Snowbird has now slipped
into a deep state of sleep.



Snowbird recovers after Chingachgook
discovers the cure to awaken Snowbird.

Snowbird gives her thanks to her
friend indeed, Chingachgook.



Story and Teleplay by Bob Bailey
and Hugh King.

The cast list of episode # 38, "The Indian Doll".
Produced by Leon Fromkess.


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