"Winter Passage"

September 25, 1957

The Last of the Mohicans opening screen.

John Hart as Hawkeye!

Hawkeye & Chingachgook meet up in
the woods in a wintry scene.

Hawkeye & Chingachgook listen as the families of settlers
discuss their plans to reunite with their familes in a new settlement.

Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Wedstock & Peggy are being urged to wait
till Spring before they risk the trip but they insist upon going
now to be with their husbands by Christmas.

Mr. Hanlon has convinced the women that he knows of a
hidden passage that will get them safely to their husbands
but he isn't the kind man that he appears to be.

These two men are the henchman who will help Hanlon
sell the women & children into slavery.

Hanlon offers to sell the families to Chief Temisca for a
certain number of beaver pelts.

Hawkeye has to do battle with Hanlon after Chief Temisca
wants to determine whether Hawkeye or Hanlon is telling
him the truth about the women & children.

Hawkeye is thanked by Peggy Wedstock many months
later when he & Chingachgook take the families to
their husband & they finally celebrate Christmas, in April.



The ending title screen of episode # 26.

The cast list of "Winter Passage". Mesa"


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