"The Truant"

November 20, 1957

Do you remember this scene from the show beginning?

The Last of the Mohicans opening title screen.

This is Long Knife (Tom Busby), sent to ambush
the boy that Hawkeye & Chingachgook are
escorting back to his home.

Hawkeye looking for the person who just took
a shot at the boy, Greg. Greg is played by
David Hastings.

Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Greg are discussing the
ambush and decide to head on to the settlement.

This is Mort Bailey, Greg's uncle and who is out to
become sole owner of Greg's silver mine, one way
or another. Mort is played by Chris Wiggins.

This is Captain Millburn (played by Peter
Humphreys).The Captain has doubts about
Mort wishing to do harm to his nephew.

This is Little Bear (played by Michael Baker)
who befriends Greg at the settlement.

This is Emma Bailey (played by Jacqueline Barnett)
who is Greg's aunt by blood and she has her own
suspicions about Mort's true feelings toward her nephew.

This is Chief Red Cloud to whom Little Bear has
taken Greg to for refuge. Red Cloud is played by
Eric Clavering.



Teleplay by Endre Bohem and Louis Vittes.
Story by Doreen Montgomery.

The cast list of episode # 34, "The Truant".
Produced by Leon Fromkess.


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