"The Reckoning"

October 2, 1957

The Last of the Mohicans opening screen.

The Ottawa Indian is about to shoot an arrow at
Hawkeye & Chingachgook but Lt. Ewing spots him!

This is Lieutenant Ewing, played by Mike
Julian, on his way to Fort Osh Kosh.

Lt. Ewing meeting Major Duffy (played by
Chris Wiggins)at Fort Osh Kosh.

Ewing thinks he can settle down the conflict
between the whites and the Ottawa Indians by
reuniting with his blood brother, Eliwasset,
but they are no longer blood brothers.

Hawkeye & Chingachgook report back to
Major Duffy on how Ewing was tortured by Eliwasset
and that they brought Ewing back to the fort.

Hawkeye & Chingachgook are leading a group
of men to capture Eliwasset and his followers.

Nasty man, Eliwasset, is played by the well known
John Vernon. If you remember "Animal House"
(1978), John played Dean Wormer.

Hawkeye tells Major Duffy of the valuable help
that Lt. Ewing was and that Eliwasset died
after Ewing was forced to shoot him.

"The Reckoning" was directed by Sam Newfield.



Executive Producer of "The Reckoning"
was Leon Fromkess.

The cast list of episode # 27, "The Reckoning".


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