"Sky King"

John Hart in "Two Gun Penny"
(September 20, 1952)


The opening screen for Sky King.

John plays the part of Mr. Blake and Nestor Paivia
plays the part of Henrick Mahler, a nasty Russian.

Mr. Blake (John) & Mahler take aim at a car
carrying Professor Gluckman and his daughter.

Blake and Mahler have caused the car to crash!

Gluckman's daughter pretends to be unconscious
as Blake & Mahler confront him.

Gluckman is forced out of the car to be taken
to the hideout and his daughter is left behind.

Gluckman is about to be taken away.

Mr. Blake is keeping an eye on Professor Gluckman.

Mr. Blake wants to take a punch at
the professor but he is stopped.

A third bad guy is keeping watch upstairs when he
spots Penny (Gloria Winters) approaching the hideout.

Mahler & Blake discussing the situation.

Mahler has come to a decision on how to treat the aproaching Penny.

Mahler orders Blake to move Gluckman to the couch.

Mr. Blake moves the proffessor to the couch and
covers him with a blanket to cover his tied up hands.

Penny is pretending to be a boy and gains entry
into the house. When she gets a chance, she
draws on Blake & Mahler but...

Penny is unaware of the 3rd bad guy upstairs and
he gets the drop on unsuspecting Penny when he
comes down the stairs.

Multiple image which shows Blake & Mahler with
their hands up, being covered by Penny as the
3rd guy comes down the stairs..

An unhappy Penny with Mr. Blake and the 3rd
crook on either side of her.

Penny & the Gluckman girl with Mr. Blake in
the kitchen as the two gals are going to fix Blake
something to eat.

Penny intends to get the drop on Blake by
showing him some unusual eggs in the frying pan.

As Blake looks at the skillet, Penny is about to
use the steel rod in her hands but....

Jim Bell, Sky King's foreman, doesn't recognize Penny
from behind and stops her from hitting Blake and of course,
Penny, the girl and Jim are then under control of Blake again.

Blake & Mahler are now surrounded by Sky
and Clipper and they fire their guns at them.

In this scene, Sky breaks in from the rear and
he is forced to shoot Blake, who has just been
shot in this picture, as Jim watches from the couch.

This has been a Jack Chertok
(name familiar?) Production.

The ending credits but neither John nor the girl
(Gluckman) received a credit. Anybody know
the name of the girl?


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