"Sergeant Preston of the Yukon"

1955-58 television series

John Hart in "Girl from Vancouver"

The opening screen for Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

John plays the part of Mort Elborn (in the middle).

Mort Elborn is the ringleader of 3 outlaws and
has just had a man murdered.

Richard Simmons as Sergeant Preston and
Patti Gallagher plays Jane Cushing.

Mort tells Preston that he has Larry Cushing locked up for
murder of Larry's partner.

Close-up of Mort Elborn (John Hart).

Mort, Larry Cushing & Sgt. Preston as Cushing is
about to be released from custody.

Sgt. Preston is talking to Mort outside of the
undertaker's, Wilbur Foost, office.

Another close-up of Mort Elborn (John Hart).

Two of Mort Elborn's henchmen: Smitty (Doug Henderson)
and Rocky (Jack Gardner).

Smitty & Mort waiting to ambush Sergeant Preston.

Cast list of "Girl from Vancouver".


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