John Hart appeared in this show on April 29, 1981

The episode title!

John makes an appearance as The Lone Ranger

John made rearing Silver look so easy

Talking to the kids about being The Lone Ranger

Looking good in the hat and mask

Near the end of the episode and without his costume

John was a definite cowboy hero to look up to

"Happy Days" appearance on February 9, 1982

John in the episode "Hi Yo, Fonzie Away"

John Hart appeared as The Lone Ranger in 2 shows other
than The Lone Ranger television show---
"The Greatest American Hero" and "Happy Days"

I thought his appearance on "The Greatest American Hero"
was excellent and the story was well written and I hope you all
get a chance to see both of the above shows.

Fonzie got his birthday wish----

meeting The Lone Ranger!

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