"False Faces"

October 23, 1957

John in the opening sequence
after firing his rifle.

Another sequence in the opening
is this shot of the fort.

Major Adams is informing Hawkeye about the
problems with thefts and such near the
settlement of Sawyer.

This is Raven who is married to Snowbird and
both live near Sawyer.

This is Snowbird and she is a Mingo
although her husband is not.

False Faces are usually good members of the
Mingos but these 4 are not who they at first
appear to be when they show up at the home of
Raven & Snowbird.

The trading post is operated by Happy Jack Sealy
but the post is also the center for foul deeds
involving the fake False Faces.

The one and only Happy Jack Sealy has been using
his own False Faces to steal rather than to
do good as the real False Faces do.

Hawkeye & Chingachgook have just located the
evidence they need to end the thefts by Happy
Jack Sealy and his band of False Faces.

A nice shot of John as Hawkeye near the end of
the episode as the truth is brought out in court.



Bob Bailey & Hugh King
are the writers of this episode.

This is the cast list of "False Faces",
first broadcast on October 23, 1957.


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