"The Contest"

November 13, 1957

Hawkeye & Chingachgook are talking with Chief
Wandara and other members of the tribe
regarding the theft of furs..

Hawkeye & Chingachgook are being falsely
accused of stealing furs from the .

This is the storekeeper, Travis, who thinks that
Hawkeye and Chingachgook have turned to
stealing as a way of living.

These two Indians are led to believe that Hawkeye
& Chingachgook stole their furs from them but it
was two imposters who looked like them.

Anoki is not a nice guy as he is in cahoots with
Stark to cause trouble for Hawkeye & Chingachgook.

A nice close-up of John.

This is Stark, a nasty crook, who is the
instigator of the plot to make it look like Hawkeye
& Chingachgook have turned to crime.

This is Stark and Chief Wandara's son, Negus.
Negus believes that Hawkeye is speaking the
truth, when he says that he and Chingachgook
are being falsely accused.

Chingachgook and Hawkeye talking over
their next plan of action. A nice Wintry scene.

Directed by Sam Newfield

Story & Teleplay by Bob Bailey
and Hugh King.

The cast list of episode # 33, "The Contest".
Produced by Leon Fromkess.


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