"Congressional Investigator"

1959 Television series

The opening screen for C. I. Congressional Investigator.

John plays the part of Mr. Kirby.

Mr. Kirby (John) is being told about trouble with a customer.

John plays the part of Mr. Kirby and Mr. Kirby
is a crook in this episode of C.I.

The unhappy customer tells Mr. Kirby that he isn't going to pay him anything.

Mr. Kirby assures the customer that things will get worked out.

Close-up of John being a bad guy.

Mr. Kirby is planning on sending out an enforcer to bring the customer into line.

I believe this building is where Senator Endicott's office is locatedI.

Senator Endicott learns about the rough tactics of a company who sells bomb shelters and then switches the price the customer has to pay.

Mr. Kirby talking with his henchman-salesman.

Mr. Kirby and his salesman doing some more nasty plotting.

The director of this episode was Edward Mann.

Original story and Teleplay by Joe Franklin.

This episode of C. I. was produced by Sandy Howard.

The co-producer for this episode was Harvey Bernhard.

Two of the stars on this episode.

Two more of the stars on this episode.
John was not mentioned in the credits.


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