February 14, 1959

Title screen for "Cimarron City"

Episode title "Return of the Dead"

LtoR: George Montgomery, Dan Blocker
and Audrey Totter.

LtoR: Beth Purcell (Audrey Totter), Sam Masters
(Brad Dexter) and Joe Masters (John Goddard).

Steve Purcell (Tom Drake) runs away with Sam
Masters wife to be, Beth and they marry.

Steve Purcell shoots Joe Masters, brother of
Sam as Steve & Beth prepare to run away.

LtoR: Sam Masters, Ed and Pete (John Hart) as
they wait for the opportunity for Sam to enter the
bank where Purcell works.

Pete (John Hart) is in the center, in the light
colored vest after they capture Steve Purcell
and escort him to a cabin.

Pete holds Purcell as Ed searches
Purcell and as Sam Masters watches.

Ed finds a wad of stolen bank money on Purcell
and keeps it, as Pete continues to hold Purcell.

Close-up of Steve Purcell and Pete (John Hart).

Purcell has been knocked out as Ed counts
the bank money and Pete and Sam watch.

Episode title shown again at the end of the show.

The cast list for the "Return of the Dead"
episode including John Hart.


John Hart appears as a henchman for Sam Masters in the second half of the episode. John's
character is named "Pete" and Pete helps restrain Steve Purcell as he is beaten and robbed.
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